7.50 USD


This rank is only buyable for Immortal ranks. The cost is monthly and is a subscription.

Empires & Emperors:

  • When server is full you are still allowed to join the server if there is place in the rank "pool"
  • Party Chat (unlimited limit) - Allows you to create a party using the /party command and invite unlimited players.
  • Civ Motd - Allows you setting a MOTD for your Civilization's members to see when they log in
  • Building Estimated Time - Shows you the estimate building time remaining for hammer tasks in /build progress
  • Civilization Mute - A resident in your Civilization misbehaving? You can use /civ mute to block him from talking in /cc
  • Show Item - Allows you do to /res item and show your sick items to other players!
  • Mass Item Repair - Allows you to repair multiple items at once in the Blacksmith.
  • Mass Structure Repair - Got hit badly in war? Using the /build builds command and pressing on the "Repair all" button you can repair all your structures at once!
  • Colored Tab - Shows your name in tab as your Civ's color
  • Mass Enchant - Allows you to enchant all your items at once in the Library instead of doing it one by one
  • Toggle snow in border - Settled in a snowy area and don't want snow appearing in your town? You can toggle it using the /town set snow
  • Upgrade queue - Allows you to put 5 town upgrades in the town upgrade queue.
  • Fast pay all bills - Allows you to open the mail using /res mail and pay all your bills at once by pressing the "pay all" button
  • Quick Outlaw - Got another town or civ bugging you but don't want to hostile or war them? You can outlaw them all at once by doing /t outlaw addall, /t outlaw addallciv, /t outlaw removeallciv and /t outlaw removeall.
  • Research Estimate Time - Wondering when you will finish your technology without doing the math for it? When you own this perk you will see the estimated time in /civ research progress
  • Civic Estimate Time - Studying a civic and you don't want to do the calculations when it's finished? It will show the estimated finish time in /c civic progress
  • Culture Estimate Time - When doing /town info it will show you the estimated culture level time
  • Research Queue (10 technologies) - Allows you to put in technologies inside the research queue. Whenever you finished a technology and you can start the next technology in the queue it'll start it automatically
  • Civics Queue (10 technologies) - Allows you to put in civics inside the civic queue. Whenever you finished a civic and you can start the next civic in the queue it'll start it automatically
  • Civilization's build progress - By typing /civ progress it will show all the building tasks of all your towns inside the civilization
  • Fast Warp - Allows you to teleport instantly using /res warp instead of waiting 60 seconds after you've teleported
  • Fast Clear Messages Mail - Allows you to remove all the mail messages in /res mail in one simple click
  • Fast Clear Items Mail - This will open all the item packages in /res mail and put it in your inventory.
  • Condense - Allows you to use /condense to condense ingots and wheat into it's according block
  • Auto-Claim - Don't want to waste time on claiming town chunks before placing buildings? When having this perk it'll automatically claim the town chunks
  • Protected Tools - Whenever your Tool's durability is low you won't break the tool, but you can't use it anymore as well until it's repaired
  • Resource Detection - Allows you to use the command /civ resource . Doing this will output every strategic and trade goodie inside your Civilization's cultural border
  • Remote Repair - Whenever you're outside war and inside your town's claimed area you are allowed to use /res repair which allows you to remotely repair gear and tools. You still require a blacksmith in the town to use this command.
  • Remote Sell - Allows you to use the command '/res sell'. This will open the Market inventory. Requires you to be in your town Town's Claimed Area, it needs to be outside of War-Time, and you need a Market built with your Town.


  • Maximum of 8 homes
  • Maximum of 10 plots