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Empires & Emperors:

  • When server is full you are still allowed to join the server if there is place in the rank "pool"
  • Party Chat (5 person limit) - Allows you to create a party using the /party command and invite 5 players.
  • Civ Motd - Allows you setting a MOTD for your Civilization's members to see when they log in
  • Building Estimated Time - Shows you the estimate building time remaining for hammer tasks in /build progress
  • Golden Age Estimated Time - Shows you the estimated time for your Civilization to enter another Golden Age. This is shown in /civ info.
  • Civilization Mute - A resident in your Civilization misbehaving? You can use /civ mute to block him from talking in /cc
  • Show Item - Allows you do to /res item and show your sick items to other players!
  • Mass Item Repair - Allows you to repair multiple items at once in the Blacksmith.
  • Mass Structure Repair - Got hit badly in war? Using the /build builds command and pressing on the "Repair all" button you can repair all your structures at once!
  • Money Collection: By the use of the command '/c collect', you will get all coins inside your towns and civilization into your personal treasury. This only works if you have the proper rank inside a civilization or town.
  • Colored Tab - Shows your name in tab as your Civ's color


  • When server is full you are still allowed to join the server
  •  No teleport cooldowns
  • Maximum of 2 homes
  • Maximum of 4 plots
  • Worldedit:
    • //wand
    • //undo
    • //rotate
    • //walls
    • //set
    • //pos
    • //hpos
    • //up
    • //replace(near)
    • //center